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Turn-Key Connecticut Asphalt Maintenance Business Partnership (Sealcoating / Crack Sealing) in CT

Turn-Key Connecticut Asphalt Maintenance Business Partnership (Sealcoating / Crack Sealing) in CT

Turn-Key Connecticut Asphalt Maintenance Business Partnership (Sealcoating / Crack Sealing) in CT

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PRICE: $20,000 cash or $15,000 down, balance financed at 15% APR

Seeking a partnership agreement for new principal(s) to takeover an established company.

A unique turn-key opportunity to takeover an established pavement maintenance company and start generating leads and revenue from day one. Included in the sale is everything you need; including all equipment, marketing materials and a professional website with excellent search engine rankings. At this time the current owner is pursuing other career goals. The current owner wishes to form a partnership agreement with a new principal and continue playing an active role to bring the company to the next level.

Current owner is pursuing other career goals and is moving out of the area therefore he wishes to sell the company while still maintaining an interest to help bring the company to the next level.


This is a small company specializing in the niche industry of providing asphalt pavement maintenance services for residential driveways and commercial parking lots. Primarily focusing on sealcoating by mechanical spray, brush or squeegee application and the application of hot rubberized elastomeric crack sealants.

- Small pavement maintenance company specializing in sealcoating; the professional application of sealer (sealcoat) to asphalt pavement.

- Additionally, we provide crack sealing services; filling cracks, joints in gaps in asphalt pavement using a hot-applied, rubberized crack sealant.

A turn-key established business started in 2005. Ready to generate income from day one. The company provides a vital service that sells itself with many word of mouth referrals. This is something every property owner will need at some point in order to save long-term costs and provide a crucial form of driveway and parking lot maintenance. The service easily sells itself based on aesthetics and visual appeal.


From day one, the company always emphasized professionalism and quality; something that our customers greatly appreciated.

A quality brand image with professional graphics and website design, quality media presentations, aggressive online marketing.

It is a small company that specializes in the pavement maintenance business. It"s a professional approach to a growing niche industry. Most of our clients our residential however commercial growth has very much potential.


Residential home owners in the Central Connecticut / Greater Hartford region and surrounding areas. Huge potential to expand into commercial and larger managed properties and parking lots.


- All equipment and tools related to the job, including 2006 professional sealcoating trailer which cost $18,000 new.
- Professional website filled with lots of content and good search engine rankings (Website will be redesigned and updated to reflect the change of ownership and bring the company to the next level)
- Job site signs, marketing materials
- Customer list & contact information
- Disclosure of sources, manufacturers and suppliers
- List of suppliers, sources and manufacturers
- Marketing & brand development agreement
- Initial marketing campaign
- Initial introductory launch to past customers notifying them of the ownership change and to generate business from day 1


- Working capital
- A full-size truck capable of towing (Ford F-250/350 - Chevy/Dodge 2500/3500 or similar)
- Appropriate home improvement contractor license with the State of Connecticut.
- Cell phone
- Computer with sufficient computer skills
- Investment into additional tools/equipment based on your goals
- A good worth ethic
- Ability to lift 50lbs or more
- A home improvement contractors license in Connecticut
- Proper registration of your business entity in the State of Connecticut
- Proper Insurance (General Liability & Worker"s Compensation)
(Owners do not need Worker"s Compensation Insurance, only employees)


- Keep 100% of the revenue generated as a result of your operations
- Small profit sharing for independent leads generated by current owner
- A portion of your initial investment payable to the current owner will be reinvested by the current owner back into the company
- Current owner will provide all graphics design, online marketing, website-related tasks, ad design, material printing, etc.
- Current owner will provide support, consulting, training, etc
- Current owner will provide provide brand image development and further company growth strategies.


The right individual should have a background free from any major criminal or felony convictions in order to obtain a Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor license. No special requirements or qualifications are needed to obtain a license.

This can be a physically demanding job, therefore the right individual should be in reasonably good health and be able to lift 50-100lbs. You should have adequate computer skills to respond to Emails, manage your books, estimating etc.

This is a good opportunity to add a new or additional service to your existing landscaping, masonry, concrete, contracting, home improvement, paving or other interest that puts you in touch with home and property owners and property management companies.


This is strictly a performance-based industry. The more you work, the more you make. With proper planning and logistics, you can generate $1500 in sales per working day.



$20,000 Cash

- or -

$15,000 Down payment
+ $5,000 financed over 2 years @ 15% APR ($242.43 per month)
($5,818.32 Total Payments + $15,000 Down Payment = TOTAL: $20,818.32)



Owner will assist in training, support and transitioning the company to new ownership. Owner is currently pursuing other ventures, however the current owner would like to maintain a partnership interest to assist in brand/company development, future expansion and marketing. Owners new interests will tap into a new pool of potential leads and clients.

This opportunity allows you to overcome the growing pains of starting a new business from nothing. The foundation has already been set for you.

Unfortunately we can"t make statements that make promises and "guarantee" you anything, as this is a strictly performance-based business. However, it should be understood that buying into an established company with loyal customers will give you a solid start. We can state that you will have sufficient leads and customers to profit off your investment from the start.

The costs associated with taking over this company are significantly less than having to start the same type of new company. Your investment of $20,000 is a very unique opportunity to buy a turn-key operation capable of generating money from day one. The right motivated individual can earn his investment back in a few months.

This isn"t a franchise, therefore there are no ongoing annual royalties associated. The business model can be franchised for expansion into new markets in the future.

The cost of getting a similar business up and running would cost you more than buying this established business. This business can be added to your existing paving, landscaping, masonry or other contracting or home improvement business and can be used to up-sell your existing customers to give you another line of revenue. Many homeowners using our services use other contractors for various home maintenance & improvement projects, so certainly this is a welcome addition to nearly any contracting or home service business.

This business can be run by yourself as a one man operation or a crew of 2 or 3 people, depending on work load and size of jobs. Your equipment can be stored in a home driveway in the space of about 2-3 car lengths + some additional storage in a garage or shed.

You will need a hard work ethic and be in adequate shape to perform manual labor and regularly lift 30-50lbs. The right motivated individual can easily make back his initial investment in the first season.

This is a seasonal business. Typically leads are received around March and you can start your estimating in late March or April. You can usually begin working in April till about October or very early November. Some tasks can be performed up until it starts to get very cold. During the winter you can supplement your business by using the contacts made throughout the season to offer snow removal, plowing, etc. Many contractors who do well through the season take the winter off and focus on marketing and business development goals for the future season.

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Location: Hartford
Posted: Dec-07-10

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